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Introducing Labour International -
Geneva and France-Voisine

Labour International at Geneva and France Voisine, serving Suisse Romande and adjacent areas in France, is one of several international branches of the British Labour Party, which togather are part of Labour International, spanning the globe from Singapore to South Africa and Australia, the USA to Europe.

Drawing on the unique world political horizon of Geneva, and a foot in the door of an EU country, our LI Branch promotes the Labour Party's vision for a better tomorrow giving everyone a life chance - a chance enhanced when horizons are wider than the front door.

We keep contemporary national and international political matters alive at Branch meetings with specialist speakers, and at our open door political cafés, when we invite organisations such as American Democrats Abroad to provide introductory insights. Recent political café topics aired were USA elections and vote counting rights; is biotechnology a key to health and wealth as Mr Blair maintains? Coming up are Europe and refugee policies, and a new look USA Presidency vis a vis Europe and Britain 'as 51st state'?

In partnership with political and community groups in the area, we exchange views on matters of common interest to bring responses to current affairs to the forefront, e.g. on European Union co-citizenship, and transborder agreements between Switzerland and the EU.

Linking home and abroad, we campaign for rights of fundamental concern to overseas citizens. Last year's activities were galvanised by our campaign for equal overseas voting rights in the firm conviction that voting is an inalienable human and citizenship right. Not only did we lobby through the LI international campaign, but locally at meetings in Geneva, Paris and Ferney Voltaire, held in cooperation with the British Conservative Association of Switzerland, British community and French groups, and announced on WRG.

If you would like more information please contact me Sylvia Moore at, our webmaster at, and to join our mailing list, Brian Turner, at

Sylvia Moore
(President LI Branch, Geneva & France voisine)

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